Monday, 30 April 2012

Linkury Displays Its Smartbar at ad:tech San Francisco

It's no surprise that the ad tech conference in San Francisco has been called THE event for networking and digital marketing. After all, it's the largest conference in the world for digital marketers. It has a preference across the globe from San Francisco to Sydney. In total, there are 10 shows in 7 countries that showcase the best technologies and trends, plus the leading experts and companies in the field of digital marketing. These experts and companies use ad:tech as a method for revealing new products, and presenting data.

About ad:tech San Francisco

ad:tech San Francisco
ad:tech - The Event For Digital Marketing!
The ad tech conference in San Francisco has the purpose to provide various agencies, groups, publishers and advertisers with a place to engage and exchange ideas, opinions, experiences, and innovations. These ideas are exchanged through a top notch forum that includes keynote speakers, workshops, and discussions led by experts at your disposal. Whether its helping a digital marketing company, a businessman, or a startup, these panels, workshops and topical discussions provide attendees and other members of the digital marketing, advertising, and technology community a chance to network, explore new opportunities, heighten their businesses and expand their connections.

Internet company Linkury attended the Ad Tech Conference in San Francisco, which took place on April 9 and 10, 2012 at the Moscone Center West. Many of you have probably heard of Linkury, but for those who haven't--Linkury is a leading developer for easy content engagement that promotes new revenue opportunities for online content publishers through various methods of engagement—traffic, ads, user statistics and more.  In short, the company simplifies the way users give and receive content on the web.  The company was formed in June 2009 and has offices in Philadelphia, New York and Tel Aviv.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Interview with Linkury CTO Naty Namdar at Microsoft Bizspark

Content publishers are always on the lookout for ways to more efficiently attract and engage users, manage content and collect actionable data. The only way they will succeed, however, is if they take their users’ needs into consideration as well. Just as they demanded faster, wider bandwidths for receiving and sending information, users also demand better methods for finding what exactly what they are looking for quicker than before, and once they find it, they want to be able to easily share content and links or make comment.

Enter the Linkury Smartbar. Created by a team of developers led by Naty Namdar, Chief Technology Officer at Linkury, the Smartbar is an elegant and easy way for publishers and users to engage with content on the Internet.

What Are The Key Features?

The Smartbar makes sharing information across gaming platforms and social networking platforms as easy as a click – no additional logins, no additional windows to be opened.  At the same time, Linkury’s Smartbar gives publishers full control of design and content for branding – and increased stickiness.

In addition to being able to easily change the look and feel of the Smartbar for seamless integration, publishers are able to gain control on any platform and can also direct content to specific target groups based on relevant criteria, such as language, country, operating system, browser or social network, for example. As the Linkury Smartbar is used, the backend statistics system and admin management portal can be used to generate a variety of useful reports (e.g., revenue, life cycle and churn rate, revenue reports, usage statistics).