Thursday, 27 December 2012

Online Promotion for small Businesses

There are many challenges that face people who are thinking of opening a small business, but with careful research and consideration, all hurdles can be overcome. Studying the market, finding your product or service, defining your niche, obtaining financing; those are all important factors that help you get started, but to get your feet off the ground, a plan to advertise and promote your business needs to be in place. Of course there is the subject of signage and local advertising, but no business will get very far without a strong presence on the internet. The online world is huge and can be overwhelming, but you can break it down into bits that are more manageable to help your business find its own online space.

Starting with the Online Small Business Basics

You already have a logo and maybe a flyer or two, but to get a foothold on the internet the first basic criteria is an optimized web site. By optimized, I mean that you've done a thorough keyword analysis and you've come up with the five main key words that people who are looking for your products or services will pop into a Google search box to find you. With those keywords in mind, you can begin to create content that uses those keywords. Make sure that the important keywords are built into the page titles and headings and go ahead and write quality content that will attract interest in your business. Communicate your message well by keeping it simple but strong. Say what you need to in order for your potential clients to take action and contact you, at which time you can give them more details. Have some sort of a "call to action" on every page, but an effective way of getting people to respond is by giving them something for free. Who turns down a free give-away? Depending on what you are trying to sell, it could be a free download of your book, a drawing for free services or even a substantial discount for first time clients. A uniqueand innovative gift is a Linkury Smartbar. Linkury is a company that makes tools that are based on its powerful infrastructure, such as the customizable toolbar. Your potential clients will enjoy using it because it can be loaded with goodies suited to them. You can brand it with your own logo and link it back to your website. They will use it for extended periods if it has information that they are interested in, such as news feeds, tools to make social media easier to access and other fun add-ons. The Linkury Smartbar is a useful tool that can help build your business.

Clinching the Online Customer

Connect with your potential customers as well as your loyal clients by investing time in creating a blog, where you can share information with them, and social media networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Build a strong social network and engage them in discussions that will create interest in your business. And don't forget to keep track of what's happening on your website by spending time in Google Analytics. 

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