Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mobile Phones - The future of web surfing

Movement to Mobile

We knew that at some point smartphones would have the ability of taking the place of computers for many tasks, but they are now being used by many as a main tool for surfing the web. It was recently reported that in America, 25% of the users are using their smartphones more than their regular desktop computers or laptops for browsing the internet. Not everyone is browsing on their smartphones or tablets to that degree, but even still, those who don't are at least regularly checking email or news reports on their phones several times a day and many prefer to go online with their phone rather than their computers. Some users give the reason that they lack high-speed broadband connection at home, whereby their smartphones are faster and more convenient. 

Mobile Web Browsing

In the US and in Canada, smartphones and tablets are responsible for some 20% of all web traffic. That breaks down to 14.6% for smartphones and 5.6% from tablets. Those stats are especially true in the evenings, when internet usage on tablets and mobile phones peak. Users have left their offices by that time and are sitting at home or commuting while using their mobile devices to browse the internet. Adding a smart toolbar to the mobile browser adds functionality and quick access to pages frequently visited.

Incorporating Smart Toolbars into a Mobile Environment

As internet browsing surges on mobile devices, it's good to know that cool tools such as the Linkury Smartbar are adaptable to both tablets and smartphones. Linkury has built its toolbar with the mobile browser in mind, meaning that it can be installed and downloaded on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. As in a computer, the toolbar can be installed on any web browser and used as a quick way to access the internet, search, share content or do comparison shopping. 

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