Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Linkury - Presence on the Web

It's vital that everyone who's anyone has a strong presence on the web. Anyone or anything that isn't online is missing out, because the World Wide Web is where it's at. Linkury knows that and created a premier product just to make it easier for people to find stuff on the Internet. The Linkury Smartbar is the tool that worldwide users have downloaded to simplify all Internet related tasks. The cloud-based system with the scale on demand capability is powerful and always available and ready for Internet users as well as content providers to search multiple search engines for information, research products or display the most current news items. The high tech Internet data site, Crunchbase, has written about the benefits of the Smartbar and Linkury has a page in the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

How to Download the Smartbar

If you don't already have the Linkury Smartbar downloaded to your computer, go to CNET.com and get it for free. It will quietly download in the background while you go about other business. Once it's installed, it will update itself seamlessly and automatically. As to the placement of the toolbar on the screen, it's the choice of the user.

How the Smartbar Helps Users Access the Internet

TheLinkury Smartbar is everywhere that you need to be. Start with all the Social Media Networks.  Users are only one click away from sharing web pages, photos and articles with friends simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and many other Social Media sites. By hovering over the selected copy or image, the user can click to upload to a site without the added task of opening additional windows. As for content providers or researchers, they can use the Linkury tools to carry out highly specific searches and then, to easily and quickly compare the results, they have the ability to display them side-by-side.

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