Sunday, 23 September 2012

Added Benefits of Linkury

The Internet is where everything can be found today and the Linkury Smartbar is loaded with features that help users easily locate important information. Most people don't get very far into a day without accessing online information, checking the online news or chatting with friends via one of the many social networking services. All activities and tasks on the Internet are simplified and streamlined by using the Smartbar. For instance, once the toolbar is downloaded, it can be used to quickly and easily share or post anything on the web. It could be an article of interest, a video, a photo or a news item. The user only needs to hover on the chosen content and click it to immediately share it on sites such as My Space, Facebook and Twitter. No need to open more windows or to start saving and pasting to a site. One click and it's done. Finito. Staying on top of world events or following online friends has never been so easy.

The Dream Product for Publishers

There are many things to like about using the Linkury Smartbar as a white label product. It is not only totally customizable, but it is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which makes it scalable. Publishers can depend on it always being available, 24/7. Linkury Smartbar updates take place automatically and very quietly in the background so as to not bother the user. Publishers can customize the content according to user groups and can choose the language, browser, social media sites and operating system. On top of all that, there are built in analytics in the Linkury platform that prepare very detailed user reports. All this information helps the publisher know exactly what is important and relevant to each specific set of users. With all of the monetization methods available, publishers earn high rates of income by using the Linkury platform to build user-friendly products. 


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