Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Three of the Hottest Developing Internet Companies in 2012

Times are changing and now that we're well into the third quarter of 2012 we can take a look at a few of the Internet companies that have caused major splashes to the way we use Internet to manage our lives. 

Did someone say Pinterest? Yes. It's everywhere and it's being used to express and share creativity or, for the less imaginative types, to borrow someone else's ideas and make them your own. The company's goal is to connect users around the world through the stuff they are interested in, whether it’s a book, a look or a recipe. Users find online images that they love and pin them to their "dream board". Call it a virtual corkboard if you will, but it allows user to organize and share their favorite ideas and pictures as well as discover new things from others. The well-funded company, which is run by investors and successful entrepreneurs, has passed the 10 million mark in unique monthly visitors and as of 2012 it would be hard to imagine someone trying to plan a wedding or decorate their home without Pinterest.

Linkury is making its presence known on the Internet through its premier product, the Smartbar. It's already known as the "Next Generation of Toolbars," and it does everything that a user would want and everything a developer would hope for. Starting with the user side of things, it makes it easy to access information on the Internet. Really easy. It's multi-platform, so they can use it on their computer, tablet and Smartphone. It sits quietly in the background and doesn't require a lot of maintenance. They can hover over an image or text and share it on social networks with one click. Developers, on the other hand, like it because they can use it to make the big bucks. A true white label product, they can load it up with moneymaking apps, ads and logos while matching its style to any website or brand. Lots of ways to access analytics to monitor trends and keep the content fresh. It supports multiple languages and the publisher can choose the platforms and browsers.

Dropbox gets credit for the way they have changed the rules regarding large files on the Internet. Even competing with Google and Apple, it continues to gain steam as it surpassed the $100 million mark in 2011. The team at Dropbox, who are always on the ball and watching for areas of potential growth or product improvement, recently added an extra layer of security for users, with the launch of the two-step verification process.  The service that provides cloud syncing and file sharing has attracted nearly 50 million users and the CEO just managed to raise $250 million in Series B funding. Tagged as a freemium service, the company uses its viral business model to acquire fast growth. More than one million businesses are using Dropbox and the company recently announced Dropbox for Teams, a premium service that targets enterprise clients who want to use 1,000 GB of storage space.

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