Saturday, 18 August 2012

Short overview - the B2B world

The exchange and sharing of services, products and information between like-minded businesses on the Internet, known as B2B, has become a dependable channel for successful distribution. The advantages of business-to-business marketing are huge for both beginning and established companies as well as entrepreneurs with new ideas. The internet B2B business model avoids many of the hassles related to opening elaborate offices, changes the needs for staffing, and hits the large consumer rather than the penny-pinching private customers with innovative products and services that fit their needs. In short, marketing to other businesses via the Internet cuts out many of the complications and expenses by using the B2B model to go directly to the largest and most profitable market.

Business Planning Software

Palo Alto Software is a company well known in the market of business planning software. Following its tremendous success with the flagship product, Windows based Business Plan Pro, the company went one step further and developed LivePlan, which turns out to be the first internet business plan software to be created by experts in business planning. The internet product has formulas built into the program that simplify calculations to prepare complicated spreadsheets. It automatically uses information that the customer inputs to create charts and tables that businesses can show investors with all of the financials linked together. With LivePlan, business customers can easily prepare financial projections with its built in forecasting tools that cover the next three years or extend that to a longer range of five years. With the option to reflect national currencies and income tax rates for each country, this online business planning product can be used anywhere in the world,

The Smart Tool for Branding and Monetization

Linkury has launched the Smartbar, which is an innovative toolbar that is based on a powerful cloud based infrastructure and gives developers a channel for producing quality products that result in increased revenue. It has become a very popular platform because of its multitude of opportunities for monetization while being a totally customizable white product. The developer gets to choose which browsers and social media networks to add and can brand each product with a logo. In addition, due to its highly scalable system with built in high load capacity, the platform is virtually always ready to go. Linkury provides developers with a fully developed SDK and comprehensive analytics to track performance and trends.

Online SEO Help for Businesses

For a business to effectively use the internet as a marketing tool, it must be visible. There are many tools available that will help with search engine optimization, but SEO Book offers many of them for free. The tools the company offers are rank checkers, a website health check, duplicate content checker and keyword tools. Also a big plus for businesses is the search analytics tools, which help the company create relevant marketing goals by establishing a current baseline. Other great tools for any business is the set of PPC tools, which helps make decisions regarding keywords by tracking results and conversion rates and a domain name finder. Additionally, the company provides free SEO tutorials for its business customers to get the best out of business on the internet.

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