Wednesday, 1 August 2012

5 Cool Chrome Add-ons

This post summarized 5 Cool Chrome Add-ons for you. Enjoy!


Allow us to welcome your new best friend – SpeakIt!  All you multi-taskers out there with tired eyes after a long day at the computer, just need to click on the SpeakIt! Toolbar and there you have it – your text can be read out to you – loud and clear whilst you work.  You can be exposed to all the latest updates while you work and the only way to 'shut it up' is by pushing the mute button. 

SpeakIt! supports the same languages as Google so foreign users can also enjoy from this verbal accomplishment making the SpeakIt! Bar a Wonder Bar!

Things to Do

Another add-on is for those of us who only function to the best of their abilities by using easy add-ons that actually persuade us to get our 'To Do's' done.

If you are a big time procrastinator then this add-on is exactly for you.  You can’t avoid fulfilling your duties when the Chrome's tab page can easily be converted into a modified To Do List.  Straightforward prioritization can be carried out just by clicking on bullets and dragging them around your list as well as performing effortless deletion and editing tasks.

Chrome to Iphone or Google Chrome to Phone

Just in case you need to load a web page or a map from your laptop onto your phone as you are rushing to get out of the office, taking your Google Chrome with you has never been made so simple.  By installing on your computer the Chrome browser extension, in one minute and by one click, everything can be forwarded directly to your Smartphone.  After installation on your device, streamlining your digital life is made so uncomplicated.

Session Manager

You don't need to worry about digging into your history of past websites visited anymore.  The session manager can store and save complete browser sessions which lets you consequently revisit them in the same status that they were at when you initially clicked on them.  Session Manager is great for synchronization of day to day web browsing and makes life easy by allowing you to upload and create your regular morning sessions on a daily basis. You can group together a few networks at once like social and news networks or a research session and then come back to the exact same sessions, the very next day.


StayFocused allows you to establish the daily time limits for searching in sites that usually are so time consuming.  It has a stopper set so once your time runs out your sites are blocked till the day after.  Stayfocused is like a big brother watching over you and can only be switched off by uninstalling the application.  It can be configured to operate only at specific periods of a particular day and can also be programmed to obstruct i.e. games. 

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