Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Monetizing the Linkury Smartbar

Linkury has created a powerful infrastructure and supplies a complete line of tools built with the latest technology that is being used by developers to create dynamic and income producing products around the world. The platform is up and ready to go, along with an SDK and online support from a helpful staff, which gives the developer everything needed to create fantastic products. What's even better is that the Linkury products are designed with monetization in mind. The company's main product is the Smartbar, which is a toolbar that is user friendly and loaded with options for making money. It has been called the Next Generation of Toolbars and proves that point every day. It gives publishers what they need to gain higher conversion rates while adding new sources of revenue through an increase in traffic and more opportunities for advertising. Developers and publishers can define the way it looks and feels throughout multiple platforms, including websites, windows applications and mobile environments. The entire system is cloud-based, scaleable and enjoys a  high rate of availability with near zero downtime.

Linkury Smartbar as a White Label Product

The fact that the Smartbar is 100% white label leaves it open to every possible combination of customization and personalization tools. It has so many options that it cannot even be compared to a regular toolbar. The toolbar stays extremely user friendly while specially loaded apps and logos are at work creating a growing stream of income back to the publisher. Once the developer has a site and a product to promote, using the Smartbar is the easiest way to get traffic to the site. Advertising is one of the most straight-forward ways to use the toolbar for increased revenue, such as contextual ads with links back to the publisher's site. The Smartbar can be customized with a color scheme and style that matches the publisher's website. Adding the company logo with hyperlinks to the publisher's site is another way to increase traffic and revenue. It is not limited to any one platform or browser, so the publisher can make those decisions. In addition, according to the way the client uses the toolbar, the publisher can choose which browsers it will run on and which social media sites to include. Customization levels can even be adjusted to set the stickiness of the product.

Following User Trends

By keeping the content fresh, the end user of the customized Linkury Smartbar will enjoy the experience and the publisher will have a longer period to earn income. As part of the integrated Linkury platform of products, the publisher has 24/7 access to online analytical tools that can generate built-in and custom reports detailing the way the user is taking advantage of the Smartbar's features and noting special interests. By feeding those special interests back into the Smartbar, the tool stays useful and engaging. The sophisticated analytics included with the service helps the developer to customize the Smartbar in such a way as to boost both user satisfaction and profits at the same time.

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