Thursday, 28 June 2012

Linkury Stays Involved in the World's Largest Digital Events

Linkury develops tools that simplify the way users grab and experience digital content while providing developers and publishers with an excellent platform from which to create powerful and dynamic products that generate revenue. As the company is expanding into new areas and spreading its message throughout the globe at the largest and most well-attended networking and digital marketing conferences, the thrust of the attention goes to its premier money-making toolbar, which is the Linkury Smartbar. The white label product is easily customizable by the developer to make the user experience fun and friendly while opening up new avenues of revenue through ads, increased traffic and user statistics. There are some fifty important digital marketing shows and conferences that will be focusing on new and innovative ideas and products on the calendar for 2012, and Linkury is participating and sharing the Linkury Smartbar at many of them.

An Annual Event in Austin

Representatives from Linkury were present at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive show that was held in Austin, Texas in March 2012, which is an annual event that began in 1987. Focusing on emerging technology, the conference is known to be a hothouse for the newest digital products and methodologies. Linkury's Smartbar fit in well and was widely received as a new and innovative tool for users and publishers.

March in Madrid

Linkury did not dare to miss the major digital marketing conference hosted in Spain, which was the eighth occurrence of the OMExpo. The venue was an ideal backdrop for meeting and networking with peers in the digital content world as well as showcasing its own products. During the course of the two-day event, more than 10,000 visitors attended and became acquainted with Linkury's line of products.

San Francisco's Major Ad Tech Event

Linkury participated in the Ad Tech Conference that was held in San Francisco in April, 2012 at the Moscone Center. That conference is said to be the largest one in the world that is organized for digital marketers. It is one of the ten shows that take place throughout seven countries that experts attend to highlight the newest technologies, the latest trends and new reveal new products. The Linkury CTO, Naty Namdar,  joined in the discussion at the company's booth and in between networking sessions, panels and speakers as he highlighted the benefits to the end user as well as the publisher in using the Linkury Smartbar, which has also been defined as the newest of the next generation of digital toolbars.

Making Plans for Boston

As a newcomer on the digital conference and networking market, the HubSpot Inbound is planning its August, 2012 debut in Boston, Massachusetts. The event sprang forth from the HubSpot User Group, but will be much more comprehensive and extend to a wider audience. The inbound event is an innovative concept that focuses on the best methods of making your company or product simple to locate and being noticed by prospective clients. Once the company or product attracts the target clientele or users to the website, attendees at the conference will discuss ways of engaging the client and keeping them on the website for as long a period of time as possible. The notion holds that this can be achieved by creating innovative content and products that offer the customer added value. Linkury will be attending the event to highlight the ways that its products can fulfil these requirements, with special emphasis on the Smartbar. The three day conference is gearing up to receive in excess of 2,000 visitors each day. The visitors can go back and forth between the small workshops, new product demos, networking sessions as well as hear engaging keynote speakers. Experts and authors will speak on the most recent breakthroughs in Search Engine Optimization techniques and marketing as well as give detailed accounts of the newest market studies. Linkury expects to fit right into this conference as it introduces the Smartbar, which is a product that answers the dilemma of attracting the user's attention.

Looking Forward to September in Columbus

The Content Marketing World (CMW) is being planned to take place in Columbus, Ohio in September 2012. The second annual event is one of the more recent entries to the digital marketing conference line-up, but has already earned a reputation among digital professionals as being an important event where professional content marketers can be seen and heard. There are an expected 600 professionals hailing from eighteen different countries planning to attend the conference, which will be an exhaustive and complete introduction to content marketing. Attendees will leave the three-day event with the latest information and materials to help them put their own content marketing package in place. The participants in CMW include many of the small and large major brands in the field, including Linkury. The Linkury representatives will present the Smartbar and other speakers and experts will lead valuable workshops and content marketing sessions.

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