Sunday, 10 June 2012

About Linkury's Smartbar Benefits for Users

Since opening for business in 2009,  Linkury has been making the lives of publishers everywhere easier by creating the Linkury Smartbar, which is also referred to as the “New Generation of Toolbars”. Using the Smartbar gives developers and publishers an edge over the competition by its ease of use and powerful monetization tools. In one product they have available a completely integrated system of applications and toolbars with unlimited opportunities that make it simple to manage content and distribute their own unique products. The Smartbar is built on Linkury's own sophisticated infrastructure that extends its abilities as a tool that can be relied on to handle the most complicated tasks.

More Options with the Smartbar

In the past, developers have tended to make their product fit into the existing pattern or system. With Linkury, there is no need to be restricted to the old model because the Smartbar makes it possible for developers to offer a new and advanced product that makes use of maps, widgets and games to personalize each toolbar specifically to the target market. Another added benefit is that there is  Linkury support available 24/7.

How to Increase Revenues Using the Linkury Smartbar

The important point to remember here is that the longer a user stays with a product, the more opportunity the publisher has of increasing the revenue stream.  The Smartbar is a tool that can create unique and sophisticated products that suit the user's needs and result in a product they will stick with for a long time. The user experience is friendly and easy, which also adds to the profitability of the product. First of all, the developer has all the tools at hand to make the product attractive with clean and sophisticated lines.

 Secondly, the application can be downloaded in the background so it is easy, quiet and unobtrusive. All the developer needs to do is paste the easy-to-use script into the application before publishing. As an extra bonus to both the user and the publisher, the Linkury system works on a number of platforms and multiple social networking sites. The user gets the advantage of easy and simple searches while the publisher can make the most of contextual ads, which are in accordance with the searches the user performs. All of these things work together to increase the publisher's revenue.

Making the Most of the Linkury Smartbar as a White Product

The Smartbar is totally generic, so the publisher can load it up with goodies and gadgets that will please the user while sending back vital data and a steady flow of revenue to the publisher. By re-branding the product for each target market, the publisher can take advantage of the technology and infrastructure provided by Linkury without a need to invest in a new product. The publisher retains 100% control over the design and content provided on the Smartbar. The personalization, including localization options, are endless and stand to benefit both the user and the publisher.

Smartbar as a Cloud-based Solution

What good would all of this power loaded into one application be if the developer or user did not have immediate and constant access? Linkury has taken care of that possibility by basing its system on a totally scalable Saas platform that is always engaged and always relevant.

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