Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Promising Internet and Mobile Start-Ups: Linkury, Comigo and Runtriz


The developers of the Linkury Toolbar refer to their tool as the next generations of toolbars, claiming that it allows leveraging information from the internet in such a way that makes it efficient, profitable and actionable. The cloud-based Saas platform is easily and quickly customizable for both content publishers and users, allowing publishers to keep their users engaged with relevant, up-to-date contact and users to customize their Smartbar according to their personal preferences and interests, making use of a range of widgets for different content categories. 
Linkury - Content Engagement
Linkury - Smart Content
 Engagement Solutions
Users are also not limited to the content selected by the developers – they can choose their own content of interest and pin these selections to the Smartbar. Another neat feature of the Linkury Smartbar is the users’ ability to position it wherever they want to on the screen – top, bottom or either side. Another feature users will find attractive is the simultaneous search on several search providers, and the ability to display several search results alongside one another for easy comparison.
The Linkury Smartbar also has several appealing features for web content publishers, starting with full control of the design and content of the Smartbar, a white label product that can be easily adapted to suit their brand. Furthermore, publishers can utilize various parameters to define the content distributed to users. 
Linkury’s Smartbar is installed and updated in a silent mode that does not require user intervention or interaction. In order to assess usage and gather statistics to take further advantage of the Smartbar, Linkury offers a set of analytic tools that provide statistics such as usage trends, churn rates and revenues. 
It’s a given that the Linkury Smartbar operates on multiple platforms including mobile and tablet applications, as well as providing seamless integration with all the popular web browsers
A few weeks ago Linkury's team attended the San-Francisco ad:tech conference and displayed the Smartbar's main features. Click here to read more on this story and see what all the buzz is about!

Next on our Promising Internet and Mobile Start-Ups list is smart TV start-up Comigo:


Entrepreneur, businessman and inventor Dov Moran, behind the Disk on Key and Disk on Chip, and later Modu mobile telephones, has established a new startup company, this time in the field of smart TV. The Comigo platform extends viewing across handheld devices – tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. – and opens unique capabilities for personalization and interactive socialization. 
Comigo TV
Comigo - Smart TV
Watching TV is no longer just that and Comigo provides social interactive features and various applications that are overlaid on the broadcast stream, creating a new TV experience. The platform also allows users to remotely record shows, and interact with social network friends while watching TV, all with a simple and intuitive user interface. 

The Comigo platform provides powerful analytic tools to allow operators and providers analyze users’ habits and streamline their offerings accordingly. 


The mobile phone is way more than a telephone these days, and the business world has definitely caught on that going mobile is the way to increase revenue.
Runtriz.com - The leader in
mobile hospitality
RuntrizTM, based out of Los Angeles, is a global hospitality network that specializes in mobile solutions for some of the top hospitality brands across the globe. The company’s flagship application, hotel evolution, gives consumers full control of their hotel experience by placing hospitality services in the palm of their hands – literally.
The application is fully customizable to the hotel brand, making it appear a true extension of its services, and giving customers superior service, in real time, wherever they are.


  1. Glad to hear more information about linkury, runtriz and comigo. I think all these smart bars are useful to us to increase our visitors and earn more revenue and traffic to our site/blog

  2. The linkury bar sounds like something I might consider using in the future. I've never been a fan of "interactive" television though. I don't even log on to websites for extra content until after the show has gone off. When I watch something I give my all to the screen.

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  12. Actually I quite like linkury but I don't want it up all the time because it take up real estate so currently it's annoying the concentrated fertiliser out of me because it keeps popping back every time I close it plus I'm getting a total aversion to everything represented by it

    It would do a lot better as an on demand app.

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