Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Linkury Smartbar – The Next Generation of Browser Toolbars

Most of the world takes their browser toolbar for granted, and yet, it's the most popular resource for tools on the web.  While toolbars have been around since the mid-90s, the World Wide Web has practically made them  a passing fad as new and innovative technology and conceptions for the Internet come to the forefront every single day.
Linkury Smartbar Works Across All Major Browsers and Seach Providers
Yet now as the next generation of browser toolbars are on the horizon and the importance of the toolbar for organization, information, and application is critical to the online world, the idea of the toolbar should no longer be seen as a waste of space.After all, the end of toolbar usage is still far from over.  This is especially certain now that the development of new and independent toolbars are on the horizon.
In particular, the Linkury smartbar is changing the way businesses and users engage and communicate with the public and with each other.  But before we get into this new and winning situation, let's review why the browser toolbar is so important.

What Is A Browser Toolbar

A toolbar is a widget of graphical user interface where one can place buttons, icons, and other applications for use on a computer monitor.  The toolbars are used for remembering important elements, organizing resources, combining graphic and editor apps, and bookmarking necessary tools for efficiency on the interface.  They are helpful for web developers, Internet marketers, editors, and more, with features that are important particularly for Internet professionals, but also for regular users.  Investment in toolbars have grown, especially with the integration of independent toolbars for Firefox web browser, open source toolbars, and toolbars that don't require search.
There are many toolbars currently available but the most popular ones include: Google Toolbar for searching within Google from any web page and easy access to Google services, Wikipedia Toolbar for Firefox for easier Wikipedia editing, Yahoo Toolbar with a pop-up blocker, content from My Yahoo, and spyware protection, and more!

Linkury – The Next Generation

In this new generation of advanced but easy-to-use toolbars, a new and  promising smartbar is making its way to the forefront.  The Linkury toolbar is efficient, easy for customization, and current, which makes a platform that is both profitable and applicable for users and publishers.  Users can tailor it to their personal tastes and include a wide range of widgets for content.  They don't have to include  the content selected by the Linkury developers.
In this day and age of toolbars galore, where there are plenty of resources to choose from, what makes Linkury so special? Well, besides being tailor-made for the current generation of publishers, the Linkury Smartbar is also able to positioned on any part of the screen, not just the top part or the corner as is common for the typical toolbar.  Users also have the option of searching on various search engines at the same time, with a display that includes many search results at the same time for easy comparison.  These days, a person can buy the most effective airline ticket for traveling after comparing various airlines through a special website.  They can also compare shopping prices via tools.  So why not have a smartbar to compare search providers?
Other features are attractive to content publishers, who have full control of their content and design with adaptability to their brand as well as analytic tools at their disposal.
Would you like to learn about Linkury's platform? Are you interested in installing the Linkury Smartbar on your site? Join our circles in Google+ and find out more!


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