Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How Linkury Can Help Publishers Increase Profits

The Linkury Smartbar is an innovative technology that will simplify your ability to increase profits and broaden revenue sources. Linkury makes it easy for you to create and put your product out there and continue to promote it via a clear and easy platform. Once you have your site and your product, the Linkury Smartbar also provides a whole toolbox full of ways to maximize profits.

What makes the Linkury Smartbar so intelligent?

Linkury Enables Publishers to
 Monetize Their Pages
This toolbox is very flexible, allowing you to personalize it to your branding and product needs. The Linkury Smartbar is the next generation of browser toolbars. It is a cloud-based solution, the system is easily adjusted to scale for your product, making it highly available. Users love the fact that there is almost no down time; a happy user is a user that comes back again.

Linkury also provides its own Analytics, to help you track and follow your satisfied users. This is a great monetization technique, because it allows you to become smarter about your brand and your produce. You can increase your traffic as well as the user’s overall experience, which correlates directly with their desire to come back for another visit.

Your Linkury Smartbar is also customizable, both for you and your users. This is a great advantage, as users feel they are in control of their experience, while publishers are also able to adjust what they provide based on user satisfaction. Linkury creates a circle of communication and feedback, via sophisticated analytics, which adds to user satisfaction and, yet again, helps boos your profits.

Linkury Smartbar individualized branding and product creation

Linkury provides you with everything you need to develop strong branding for your product. You know what you envision, and Linkury’s Smartbar allows you to customize it so that it fits with the design most appropriate for your content. No matter what your product is, you can make the Linkury Smartbar fit it like a glove.

One of the ways we do this is by offering you a white label product. Instead of having to start from nothing when you launch your product, Linkury offers you a ready-to-use white label; all you have to do is juxtapose your branding on our Smartbar template and you are ready to go. Not only does this save you money on the launch side, since the technology and infrastructure are already in place, but it also helps you to direct your branding. You know what your product is and have a sense of how to get it “out there,” but Linkury will made it cost beneficial.

Tracking your reach and maximizing it

Linkury Smartbar technology gives you the best possible tools to enhance user engagement. Your goal is to get users attached to your product and branding so they will come back for more. More repeat users means more profits. Linkury’s Analytics provides you with all the data you need in easy formats to learn what your users prefer, in at least 80 different languages. We offer consulting and support as well, to help you understand this essential date, increase user satisfaction and, as a result, increase your profits.


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