Thursday, 27 December 2012

Online Promotion for small Businesses

There are many challenges that face people who are thinking of opening a small business, but with careful research and consideration, all hurdles can be overcome. Studying the market, finding your product or service, defining your niche, obtaining financing; those are all important factors that help you get started, but to get your feet off the ground, a plan to advertise and promote your business needs to be in place. Of course there is the subject of signage and local advertising, but no business will get very far without a strong presence on the internet. The online world is huge and can be overwhelming, but you can break it down into bits that are more manageable to help your business find its own online space.

Starting with the Online Small Business Basics

You already have a logo and maybe a flyer or two, but to get a foothold on the internet the first basic criteria is an optimized web site. By optimized, I mean that you've done a thorough keyword analysis and you've come up with the five main key words that people who are looking for your products or services will pop into a Google search box to find you. With those keywords in mind, you can begin to create content that uses those keywords. Make sure that the important keywords are built into the page titles and headings and go ahead and write quality content that will attract interest in your business. Communicate your message well by keeping it simple but strong. Say what you need to in order for your potential clients to take action and contact you, at which time you can give them more details. Have some sort of a "call to action" on every page, but an effective way of getting people to respond is by giving them something for free. Who turns down a free give-away? Depending on what you are trying to sell, it could be a free download of your book, a drawing for free services or even a substantial discount for first time clients. A uniqueand innovative gift is a Linkury Smartbar. Linkury is a company that makes tools that are based on its powerful infrastructure, such as the customizable toolbar. Your potential clients will enjoy using it because it can be loaded with goodies suited to them. You can brand it with your own logo and link it back to your website. They will use it for extended periods if it has information that they are interested in, such as news feeds, tools to make social media easier to access and other fun add-ons. The Linkury Smartbar is a useful tool that can help build your business.

Clinching the Online Customer

Connect with your potential customers as well as your loyal clients by investing time in creating a blog, where you can share information with them, and social media networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Build a strong social network and engage them in discussions that will create interest in your business. And don't forget to keep track of what's happening on your website by spending time in Google Analytics. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mobile Phones - The future of web surfing

Movement to Mobile

We knew that at some point smartphones would have the ability of taking the place of computers for many tasks, but they are now being used by many as a main tool for surfing the web. It was recently reported that in America, 25% of the users are using their smartphones more than their regular desktop computers or laptops for browsing the internet. Not everyone is browsing on their smartphones or tablets to that degree, but even still, those who don't are at least regularly checking email or news reports on their phones several times a day and many prefer to go online with their phone rather than their computers. Some users give the reason that they lack high-speed broadband connection at home, whereby their smartphones are faster and more convenient. 

Mobile Web Browsing

In the US and in Canada, smartphones and tablets are responsible for some 20% of all web traffic. That breaks down to 14.6% for smartphones and 5.6% from tablets. Those stats are especially true in the evenings, when internet usage on tablets and mobile phones peak. Users have left their offices by that time and are sitting at home or commuting while using their mobile devices to browse the internet. Adding a smart toolbar to the mobile browser adds functionality and quick access to pages frequently visited.

Incorporating Smart Toolbars into a Mobile Environment

As internet browsing surges on mobile devices, it's good to know that cool tools such as the Linkury Smartbar are adaptable to both tablets and smartphones. Linkury has built its toolbar with the mobile browser in mind, meaning that it can be installed and downloaded on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. As in a computer, the toolbar can be installed on any web browser and used as a quick way to access the internet, search, share content or do comparison shopping. 

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

So, what's you're favourite internet browser?

 There are several good internet browsers to choose from and although they all provide some basic form of access to the internet, there are substantial differences as to performance and the way that webpages are handled. The most important questions to ask when choosing an internet browser are "how fast is it," "how easy is it to use" and "is it secure?" In addition, web browsers should be practical with all the convenient features that make using the web fast, easy and fun. Additional features to expect are the option to save bookmarks, set parental controls and to create RSS feeds.

Top Internet Browsers to Consider

Google Chrome has only been around since 2008, but is one of the fastest browsers out there. It provides secure browsing with the capability of syncing to provide access to your customized browser from any computer. It loads pages quickly and its intuitive design cultivates smooth navigation. Firefox is pretty easy to use with its minimalist interface and also has a secure privacy mode. Unlike other browsers, it does not have the option for thumbnail previews, but it is versatile and full featured, making it easy to use for beginners or advanced users. Of all the browsers available, only Internet Explorer offers all the basic help options, including direct telephone support. However, because it is so popular, it's a magnet for hackers. Safari is pretty impressive with its page-loading times and provides good security, but lacks many of the customization options that are available on other browsers.

Adding Customization and Functionality

The simplest way to customize a browser and add functions is by adding a customized toolbar. The LinkurySmartbar can be added to any web browser and customized with a variety of add-ons including all the popular social networking sites that make it simple to upload or share web content.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Introducing the Digits Hand Tracker

The new Microsoft Digits, which was recently unveiled at a technology conference, allows for freehand 3-D interaction by wearing a gloveless sensor on the wrist. The integrated technology remembers and recovers certain poses of the user's hand, and since the sensor is only on the wrist, the user is free to interact freely with other devices. It can be used to play video games or as a virtual TV control and can even operate a smartphone without leaving the user's pocket.

Sensoring Technology

The secret to the Digits success lies in its understanding of how the human hand moves. By being able to copy every movement from the orientation of the wrist to the angle of each joint of the finger, its 3d functionality is not tied down to any point in space. Similar products in the past have relied on the user wearing a special sensoring glove, but that is not necessary with the Microsoft prototype, which delivers the same accuracy but with more flexibility.

Added Mobility

One of the main goals of the Digits team was to provide superior mobility. Since the Digits sensor is worn on the wrist and does not use an external infrastructure, users are not restricted to movement within a fixed space. It is small, comfortable, lightweight and needs a minimum amount of power. With its built-in technology, the 3D interaction follows the user around indoors or out.

Integrated Components

The beauty of Digits is that it is built entirely of cheap products easily found on the open market. The basis of the system is a simple infrared camera with a laser line generator and goes on to add an infrared diffuse illuminator and an inertial measurement unit. The components integrate beautifully to interpret data and construct a fully articulated model of the hand.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

One Billion Facebook Users and Still Growing

It was bound to happen, and by reaching one out of every seven people throughout the world, Facebook has finally hit and exceeded its mark of one billion users. By helping a billion people connect, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is both proud although humbled. But he isn't ready to stop there. He will continue to grow with additional monetization avenues as well as new markets.

Looking to the Future.

Although the number of Facebook users in the US and Canada account for less than 20%, they add up to some 48% of advertising revenue. As the company's stocks have taken a beating lately, it looks to increased advertising opportunities to pull the prices back up. By monitoring the real world effects of using Facebook as a credible advertising platform, they hope to use the vast amounts of data they have collected to attract advertising dollars. With recent predictions that there will be more mobile devices than people by the end of 2012, social networking services are in a race to grab users. As it stands now, 102 million users access Facebook only through the use of a mobile site. If predictions hold true, the annual ad revenue from Facebook's mobile service will reach $629 million in just two years, only one step behind Google. Plans are underway at Facebook to build a better mobile experience to ensure its place in the market.

Expansion to Emerging Markets

China and Russia are both key markets where Facebook takes a backseat to their regional competitors. By learning from Google's mistakes in China, Zuckerberg hopes to capitalize and gain entry into that market. Following its "Facebook for Every Phone" project in Africa, that market is doing very well with the creation of a special version of Facebook for "feature phones." The phones cannot display the full-featured site, but for now Africans are content with a phone that is Facebook enabled.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Linkury - Presence on the Web

It's vital that everyone who's anyone has a strong presence on the web. Anyone or anything that isn't online is missing out, because the World Wide Web is where it's at. Linkury knows that and created a premier product just to make it easier for people to find stuff on the Internet. The Linkury Smartbar is the tool that worldwide users have downloaded to simplify all Internet related tasks. The cloud-based system with the scale on demand capability is powerful and always available and ready for Internet users as well as content providers to search multiple search engines for information, research products or display the most current news items. The high tech Internet data site, Crunchbase, has written about the benefits of the Smartbar and Linkury has a page in the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

How to Download the Smartbar

If you don't already have the Linkury Smartbar downloaded to your computer, go to and get it for free. It will quietly download in the background while you go about other business. Once it's installed, it will update itself seamlessly and automatically. As to the placement of the toolbar on the screen, it's the choice of the user.

How the Smartbar Helps Users Access the Internet

TheLinkury Smartbar is everywhere that you need to be. Start with all the Social Media Networks.  Users are only one click away from sharing web pages, photos and articles with friends simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and many other Social Media sites. By hovering over the selected copy or image, the user can click to upload to a site without the added task of opening additional windows. As for content providers or researchers, they can use the Linkury tools to carry out highly specific searches and then, to easily and quickly compare the results, they have the ability to display them side-by-side.